Vegan Kimchi that's made for You

Gourmet Unnie Vegan Kimchi

This is the Kimchi that You want to eat

Finally, Kimchi that suits your taste buds, health needs, and lifestyle. Noncommercial Vegan Kimchi with a twist--everything that Filipinos like you, no matter how picky, would eat.

Gourmet Unnie Kimchi is a concoction of healthy veggies and spices that bring a unique and palate-friendly taste to fit your appetite. It's clean--no MSG, no preservatives, and no animal by-products. Best of all, it's homemade, with love.

Gourmet Unnie Kimchi is based in Davao City, Philippines, but we ship nationwide.

Kimchi is a Great Health and Beauty Booster

Kimchi is among the Top 5 Healthiest Foods in the World, and Gourmet Unnie takes it to the highest level! We mix in other crucial vegetables, apart from the usual napa cabbage. Carrots, radish, green onion leaves, napa cabbage, and healthy spices add up to bring you all the optimal health benefits.

Gourmet Unnie Vegan Kimchi

The Benefits of Eating Kimchi:

✅ Boosts Immunity

✅ Slows Down Aging

✅ Improves Weight Loss

✅ Lowers Cholesterol Levels

✅ Prevents Ulcer and Cancer

✅ Lactobacilli Content Aids in Digestion

✅ Produces Radiant Skin and Shiny Hair

✅ Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

✅ Probiotic Content Fights Off Infections

✅ Administers Healthy Body Development

Get your Daily Dose of Healthy by Ordering Gourmet Unnie's Kimchi. ORDER NOW.

These ladies just can't get enough!

Jewel Escudero

"A perfect combination of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavor--Gourmet Unnie has got it all! Always my favorite!"

Jewel Escudero, Physician

Sarah Alterrado

"Hoarding 'coz Gourmet Unnie makes the best Kimchi in Davao!"

Sarah Alterrado, Web Designer

Ara Casas-Tumuran

"Finally, Kimchi that I like! Gourmet Unnie gives their heart out in bringing great Kimchi to their customers. That's a plus factor for moms like me!"

Ara Casas-Tumuran, TV Host

Ria Jose

"One of my favorite local brands!"

Ria Jose, Blogger

Get your Kimchi in these places:

Shell Select Matina Enclaves

Open 24 Hours

Matina Enclaves, Quimpo Blvd., near SM City, beside Joe's Pizza


Mon - Sun,

10am - 12mn

Matina Branch: Ulas - Bankerohan area

Grab Food

Mon - Sun

10am - 12mn

Matina & Buhangin Within 10km of Pag-Asa Village, Matina, and Pag-ibig Homes, Buhangin

Delivery Services

Grab, Minute Rider, Maxim, or any Delivery Service in Davao City

Fill out our ORDER FORM to order.

Pag-Asa Village, Matina

Pag-asa Village along Fatima Vill. and Batangueño St., Matina, beside Bea's Lechon Manok.

Pag-Ibig Homes, Buhangin

Lot 1A-A, Charity Circle, Pag-ibig Homes, Buhangin


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J&T Express Delivery

Shipping fee starts at P125, depending on the number of Kimchi pouches ordered.

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Make Gourmet Unnie Kimchi a Staple to your Every Meal. ORDER NOW.

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