Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is Gourmet Unnie kimchi?

Each pack of kimchi costs P120-P150, depending on the dealer.

2. What’s the size and how many grams is your kimchi?

It’s 320 grams per tub or pack.

3. Where are you located? How can I buy?

We’re based in Davao City, Philippines but we ship nationwide. You may fill out our Order Form if you want to order directly from us.


📍Foodpanda Davao 10am to 10pm Download

Matina Branch: Ulas - Bangkerohan

Lanang Branch: Bajada - Sasa

📍Davex.Asia 10am to 10pm

Matina Branch: South-Central Davao

Lanang Branch: Central-North Davao

📍 Shell Select Quimpo Boulevard / Ecoland Davao Open 24 hours

Quimpo Boulevard (near SM and beside Joe's Pizza (formerly Dexter’s Pizza))

📍 Any Delivery Service in Davao (Daj to Go by DavEx, DRD, etc.) Fill out the ORDER FORM to order.

📍 Matina House Pick-Up: Pag-asa Village along Fatima Vill. and Batangueño St., Matina, in front of Anok's Lechon Manok and a fruit stand.

📍Lanang House Pick-Up: 10-A Sasalit St., Nova Tierra Village, Lanang, near the Mosque.


We currently only accept delivery via LBC Express. It's the fastest delivery service so far, especially in this pandemic. The shipping fee starts at P250, including the valuation and microwaveable container for extra safety of the Kimchi. Kimchi pouches will only be shipped. Fill out the Order Form to order.

4. How long does kimchi last?

Kimchi lasts for around 6 months to 1 year. If you consume it with cleanliness in mind (e.g. not contaminating it with saliva), it might even last up to 2 years. However, most of our customers tell us that they consume one tub or pack of Gourmet Unnie kimchi in one seating only.

6. Is Gourmet Unnie's kimchi authentic?

Yes, it is, but with a twist that is Filipino-friendly. We still use Korean products like the kimchi pepper flakes, so it’s still legit kimchi.

7. What makes Gourmet Unnie's kimchi different? Why should I choose it among the other brands?

Gourmet Unnie kimchi is full of ingredients, not just the usual napa cabbage. It also has carrots, radish, green onion leaves, and a special ingredient that makes our kimchi suitable for the FIlipino taste. Because of that, our kimchi is one of the healthiest foods around, combining every ingredient in it. It’s chock-full of vitamins and minerals.

Our customers say that they can’t get enough of it and it’s the best kimchi that they ever had.

8. Do you offer your Kimchi per kilo?

Yes, we do. But it's for pre-order. Contact us to pre-order it.

9. I’m allergic to fish. / I am Vegan. Do you mean it when you say that Gourmet Unnie kimchi is Vegan?

Gourmet Unnie kimchi’s ingredients are all plant-based. There are no animal by-products in it.

10. Is it available outside Davao?

Yes, we ship nationwide via LBC Express or J&T Express. Expected arrival is from 2-10 days, depending on your location. The Kimchi will remain fresh even without refrigeration, and would taste even better. Just ask your Korean friends about it.

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